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Common areas for every time of the day

There are common areas available for working and relaxing.

There are an exhibition space, a large common area with kitchen, a meeting room - while outside there is a garden that offers the chance to regenerate in the greenery.

Meeting room

There is a meeting room on the second floor available to every guest free of charge - no reservation is required.

Vending machines

Our vending machines are sustainability-minded. One offers local produce - groceries and soft drinks. The other offers essential supplies.

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Wi-Fi and Swisscom Blue TV

You can take advantage of our internet connection fast and efficient internet connection. The apartments are equipped with televisions offering the Swisscom Blue TV: over 300 channels in more than thirty languages.


This solution allows you to securely receive parcels and documents while you are away, any time of the day.

For a tailor-made service we provide some extras

Lo Scudo di Stabio offers the chance to live a completely "green" and "smart" experience. For those who travel with electric vehicles,  there are EV charging stations and e-bikes for rent. Furthermore, from the extra cleaning to the limousine service, we have solutions for  every possible need.

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Parking spaces and EV charging stations

Lo Scudo di Stabio has a parking lot with 22 parking spaces. The service is an extra and can be booked any time. Among the 22 places, 6 have a 11kW EV charging stations, exclusively for our guests.


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In our bicycle parking there are e-bikes available for rent, exclusively for our guests. The service is managed via an app allowing to use the bicycle for the time agreed.

Storage space

There are storage areas for rent.

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Extra cleaning service

A full bi-weekly cleaning service s is included with any rate. It’s possible to book an extra cleaning, one-time or scheduled.

Linens change 

A weekly linen change service is included. It's possible book an extra change, occasionally or as often as you like.

Laundry service

A laundry and ironing service is available upon request.

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We are affiliated with local restaurant business and we can offer catering solutions combining service quality, refinement and local ingredients.

Limousine service

We offer a limousine shuttle service able to respond to specific needs of individuals or small groups.