Lo Scudo di Stabio is awarded with the Swiss Sustainable Construction Standard (SNBS) - the first residential building to achieve it in Ticino!

Scudo Stabio 2

On Thursday 10 November, the Head of the Minergie and SNBS Certification Center in Canton Ticino, Milton Generelli, presented Luca Bolzani, owner of the "Lo Scudo di Stabio", with the SNBS and Minergie-P-ECO certification certificate.

An event that makes us particularly proud since it is the first certification relating to the Swiss Sustainable Construction Standard (SNBS) achieved in Canton Ticino.

What does it mean?

It means that particular attention was paid during the conception, design and construction towards the three pillars of sustainability: the environment, sociality and the economy. A commitment that has been rewarded with a certification that reflects the ultimate in terms of sustainable construction.

In fact, our residential complex has a cork roof in which photovoltaic glass tiles are set: an innovative system of renewable energy production that thus combines sustainability with design. Biodiversity is instead enhanced through the extensive green roof, which effectively favours the restoration of the local flora. To top it all off, an energy monitoring based on the concept of "continuous improvement" of the building's performance.

The delivery of the certification took place in the building in via Gaggiolo on the occasion of the visit organised by the environment professional group and the architecture professional group of SIA Ticino, the Swiss society of engineers and architects. Ecological awareness is in fact one of the objectives that must increasingly become the heritage of those who design.

In the case of “Lo Scudo di Stabio”, all the elements that compose it are oriented towards the future and make an important ecological, social and economic contribution to the area in which it was built.