Lo Scudo di Stabio is Swisstainable!

Stabio 2022 05 4378Stitch

Lo Scudo di Stabio is the first SNBS certified building in Ticino (Swiss Sustainable Construction Standard), dedicated to short stays and temporary rentals; could we get more? we are pleased to announce that Level II of Swisstainable's sustainability label has been achieved - which brings together companies and organisations from the entire Swiss tourism sector.

The Swisstainable label is open to all Swiss tourism companies and organisations and is divided into three levels to take into account the different requirements and levels of commitment.
The label obtained pushes us to offer the opportunity to experience the Mendrisiotto and Ticino in a sustainable way; not only in respect for the environment, but also in harmony with the society and the local economy. It is a path of continuous evolution that Lo Scudo di Stabio has undertaken for a better future.

Learn more about Swisstainable: https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/planning/about-switzerland/sustainability/