The advantages of a certification

LO SCUDO DI STABIO Novembre 2022 19

Why certify a building? This was explained by Milton Generelli, head of the Minergie and SNBS certification center in Canton Ticino, who spoke at Lo Scudo di Stabio on the occasion of the delivery of the SNBS certification, the first in Ticino, obtained by the building.

“The certification process constitutes a guarantee of neutral quality by a certifying body and has the aim of supporting the designer and the client to converge together towards an objective”. Furthermore, continued Generelli, "it offers greater financial security for clients and planners: a goal is set at the beginning, it is verified during construction and it is sealed at the end of the operation" .

Among the other advantages indicated by Generelli, there is the fact that "having a proven certified quality leads to the consequence of having a greater value on the market". Not secondary is the fact that "certification can give access to direct and indirect incentives".

In general, a certification is the attestation of a real achievement of the objectives set at the project level.

In Switzerland, the CECE labels, of pure energy evaluation, have been joined by the Minergie certifications which also take into consideration climate protection, efficiency, comfort and value retention. The SNBS (Swiss Sustainable Construction Standard) certification is not limited to assessing ecological parameters, but also analyses sustainability from a social and economic point of view. Minergie and SNBS certifications can concern buildings but also neighbourhoods.