Lo Scudo di Stabio: Sustainability is on the menu.

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Lo Scudo di Stabio i the sustainable hub for the Mendrisiotto area. Could an adequate food and wine supply be missing? No, in fact, we offer the possibility of buying genuine, typical and km0 products. To guarantee quality and typicality, ensuring guests a selection of the best of Ticino agri-food production, Lo Scudo hosts the Ticino a Te vending machines in the common room on the ground floor. This is a novelty at the cantonal level, which sees Lo Scudo di Stabio in the front row in proposing local products.

A selection of the best of Ticino's produce

Thanks to the collaboration with the CCAT (the Ticino's produce competence center), which promotes the networking of local producers and products, it is possible to supply the vending machines with always fresh and seasonal products from the Ticino a te network, which has around 200 producers and distributors in the Canton.

The vending machines provide excellence such as DOP Ticino Alpine cheese. There are also products that boast the Slow Food label, such as Zincarlin from the Muggio valley, goat cheese from the Locarno valley and flour from the Onsernone valley. There are also cereal flours grown in the Ticino valleys, ideal for excellent polenta, and then traditional desserts, yoghurt, cured meats, vegetables from the Magadino plain, distillates and grappas, and many other exquisite products that boast the Ticino Regio.garantie brand, testifying their quality and typicality.

The vending machines at Lo Scudo di Stabio provide a small but complete selection of the dozens and dozens of certified typical products.

A value for the environment, for society and for the economy

Choosing typical and km0 products is a highly sustainable action.

From an environmental point of view, CO2 emissions are reduced for the transport of goods and a richness and biodiversity is maintained in crops, but also from a social and economic point of view there is an important impact.

In fact, it contributes to supporting a diversified socio-economic fabric, where agriculture maintains a strong added value and produces an induced also in terms of tourism. Relations within communities are strengthened and the material culture of doing, of the food and wine and culinary traditions that are part of that intangible heritage that constitutes the identity of a territory and of the people who inhabit it, is transmitted and maintained.

Responsibly choosing what you put on the table is a fundamental act for a sustainable economy and which is easier if the products, like those from Ticino to you, are also good and genuine.


And then there is the vegetable garden of Lo Scudo

In addition to the products of Ticino a Te, the guests of Lo Scudo di Stabio also have a small common vegetable garden for their culinary preparations. In the external area of the building there are aromatic and medicinal plants; some medicinal plants have also been inserted that can calm anxiety and sedate stress. Upon returning from a stressful day, guests can then cut a tuft of lemon balm or verbena to make an herbal tea that promotes sleep and psychophysical balance. There are also some fruit trees, raspberries and strawberries, to sweeten up everything.